Speaking & Consulting Topics

Intrinsic Success & Fulfillment

Are you a company that desires each employee to embody their fullest expression for good health, optimum performance, collaboration, corporate morale and personal fulfillment?

Are you: Hosting a special occasion? A group of entrepreneurs? Seeking help and bolster groups that experience disenfranchisement including women, minorities, disabled, LGBT, immigrants and others?  

Allow Aaron to connect with and inspire your team to unlock personal and organizational greatness!

Sales & Business Excellence

Do you want your organization motivated by your performance requirements or internally? Do you want them to truly connect with clients to deliver the best customer experience plus a higher close ratio and recurring business? 

They must loose many of the pop-culture beliefs and teachings about sales.  They will truly care, make stronger connections and become skillful at finding and creating "intersections" both great and small.  Their expansion will be intuitive and sticky because the lessons will be  evident in their every day lives.  They will simply become more consciously aware, connected and proficient.

While Aaron has personally sold tens of $ millions in technology all over the world, principles of connectivity, empathy and "intersections" apply to all industries including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, network marketing, retail, manufacturing, real estate, banking & financial services, insurance, automotive, oil & gas and more.  

Love & Relationships

We all want and need love family/tribe, friends and also romantic love. But why does deep pain and conflict often accompany love?  Why are relationships with certain friends and even family members strained? Why does enduring and fulfilling romantic love seem so elusive? 

When a relationship is in decline, how might it be fixed in love or exited also in love? 

The answers all lie within. All "failed" relationships have the same basic forensics.  With proper tools one can decrypt their personal puzzle uncovering answers, inner peace, unconditional self-love and balance.