Speaking Topics

Intrinsic Success & Fulfillment

Are you a company that desires each employee to embody their fullest expression for good health, improved performance, collaboration, corporate morale and overall job/life satisfaction (awesome company culture by the way)?  

Are you a social group hosting a special occasion or non-profit actively building community and bolstering groups that might be traditionally disenfranchised including women, minorities, disabled, LGBT and immigrants?  

Allow Aaron to connect and inspire each individual along their personal journey to 'the within'.  

Sales & Business Excellence

Do you want your organization motivated by your performance requirements or internally?  Do you want them to truly connect with clients to deliver the best customer experience plus a higher close ratio and recurring business? 

They must un-learn many of the pop-culture beliefs and teachings about sales.  They will truly care, make stronger connections and become skillful at finding and creating "intersections" both great and small.  Their expansion will be intuitive and sticky because the lessons will be  evident in their every day lives.  They will simply become more consciously aware, connected and proficient.

While Aaron has personally sold tens of $ millions in technology all over the world, principles of connectivity, empathy and "intersections" apply to all industries including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, network marketing, retail, manufacturing, real estate, banking & financial services, insurance, automotive, oil & gas and more.  

Love & Relationships

Whether actively dating...  Married...  Monogamous...  Straight...  LGBT... Plutonic friendships... Relatives...  

Possessing the rare balance of "Divine Masculine" AND "Divine Feminine" energies, Aaron candidly breaks down reasons relationships become stagnate, painful or fail completely.  Perpetually stagnate and painful relationships are often worse than a supposed "failed" one because not only do they fail to achieve desired outcome; but since the parties each lack the self-love and insight to either correct and re-align or recognize the time to exit many months or even years are lost.  


We all want... check that... we all need love family/tribe, friends and also romantic love.  But why does deep pain seem to often accompany love?  Why are relationships with certain friends and even family members strained?  Why does enduring romantic love seem so rare and elusive?  

The answers all lie within for we are mirrors to each other.   All "failed" relationships have the same forensics.  With proper insight and energy (heart motivation) one can decrypt their personal puzzle resulting in  inner peace, unconditional self-love and balance which in turn results in  drawing a vibrationally matched compatible relationship.  Remember, we attract what we are, not what we want.